• Klorane Papyrus Milk Mask

Klorane Papyrus Milk Mask

Cyperus esculentus L. is a perennial plant from the Papyrus family used since ancient Egypt. At that time, this plant grew on the riverside of the sacred Nile and symbolized prosperity and fertility of soils. Its rhizomes form small brownish tubers when reaching maturity that are very rich in fatty acids and polar lipids. They are then harvested and finely ground to obtain a golden fluid oil that contains active molecules. This oil, then emulsified, is at the origin of Klorane papyrus milk. Luscious, rich and delicately scented, the Klorane hair mask with papyrus milk penetrates at the heart of the hair to nourish and durably smooth very dry and unruly hair. Rich with smoothing agents, the mask blends into the hair for an intense smoothing, hair-relaxing and volume-control effect. Hypoallergenic.*

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