Klorane Pomegranate Shampoo

Pomegranate has been used since ancient times by Moroccan women for its binding properties. Our Laboratories cultivate a unique specie, the Punica granatum L, whose bark is rich in tannins, binds the color onto keratin and prevents fading. Its high concentration in anti-oxidant polyphenols also maintains the hair's radiance. Pomegranate is cultivated in Morocco while respecting the surrounding ecosystem. The quality of each chosen fruit is controlled according to Klorane Phytofilliere norms. From the bark, we obtain an extract whose effectiveness is scientifically proven and patented: hair color lasts on average twice as long*.Dedicated to color-treated hair, this shampoo prevents the color from fading and becoming dull. Color stays as radiant and intense as on the first day. Thanks to its gently cleansing formula enriched with repairing agents, your hair regains softness, smoothness and is easy to style again. Hypoallergenic.

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