12 Reasons to try 12 Benefits

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12 Reasons to try 12 Benefits



1. Minimal ingredients and pharmaceutical quality - no harsh chemicals (you can actually read and pronounce every ingredient) plus it's made in the USA !

2. Prevents heat damage - 12 Benefits protects your hair when using any appliance so your hair stays healthy.

3. Prevents split ends - as your hair grows and while you're using heat on it your ends will stay smooth.

4. Locks in hair color - the shampoo is sulfate free which means your color will stay vibrant longer.

5. Suitable for all hair types - whether your hair is kinky, curly, wavy or straight 12 Benefits won't weigh down your hair and it will add the moisture your hair needs.

6. Zero product build-up - if you don't wash your hair everyday you can re-apply the product and it will feel clean because the styling products are silicone free.

7. Eliminates frizz - if your hair gets crazy in the summer from humidity or you have curly frizzy hair this is the brand for you.

8. Adds lightweight shine - 12 Benefits gives a healthy looking shine without the greasiness. 

9. Improves manageability - the styling products will make it easier for you when blow drying your hair resulting in a salon type blow-out.

10. Anti-aging formula - 12 Benefits products will dramatically reverse the aged and damaged look and feel of your hair.

11. Reduces drying time - the styling products penetrate you hair follicle which allows air to pass through faster.

12. Youthful texture - 12 Benefits really make your hair feel like it did when you were 19; soft, smooth, frizz-less, and HEALTHY!

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