Masc-A-Gray – The Finest Hair Mascara

Sometimes dying your hair regularly can be a pain, regardless of whether you buy the dye from a box or frequently go to the hair stylist. Every few weeks or so, depending on the rate of your hair growth, those menacing little gray or discolored hairs start to appear at the roots, signifying the time to get out the hair dye. Although it can be embarrassing to walk around with discolored roots, sometimes you have to wait for enough gray hair to justify a full dye job. Luckily, there are products like Rashell Cosmetics’ Masc-A-Gray hair mascara.

12 results
Masc-A-Gray #101 Black
Masc-A-Gray #102 Copper Chestnut
Masc-A-Gray #103 Warm Brown
Masc-A-Gray #104 Medium Ash Brown
Masc-A-Gray #105 Auburn
Masc-A-Gray #106 Wheat Blond
Masc-A-Gray #107 Golden Blond
Masc-A-Gray #108 Natural Light Blond
Masc-A-Gray #109 Ashy Blond
Masc-A-Gray #110 Bronze Blonde
Masc-A-Gray #111 Brown
Masc-A-Gray #112 Light Brown
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