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Seki Straight Edge Nail Clipper Model SS108

Quantity: 1 piece

Compact with a satin smooth, matte finish! Superb straight cutting edge. Great for on-the-go cutting and helps prevent ingrown nails. Measure about 3" long by 3/8" wide Twice tempered stainless steel Hand-finished Straight edge for a straight clip 2mm opening Compact and slim Sleek design Manufacturers Lifetime Guarantee The Satin Straight Clipper is a great on-the-go clipper for those emergency needs. Small and compact yet durable and long lasting, this clipper helps to keep your nails in tip top shape with every cut. The Satin Straight Clipper is unique in that the clipping edge is completely straight. The advantage of this is that it allows you to shape your nails easier than with a curved one, and it is especially useful in preventing ingrown nails as it's recommended to cut nails straight across in best practice for prevention.

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