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GiGi Microwave Kit Crème Wax

$19.95 $13.95

GiGi Crème Wax Microwave Kit includes a gentle wax formula recommended for sensitive skin. The creamy application of GiGi Créme Wax aids in the comfortable removal of all unwanted hair, revealing silky soft skin with no wax residue left behind. This microwave kit is a complete system that includes all the necessary treatment products and accessories. 

  • Crème Wax Microwave Formula 8 oz
  • Pre Hon 2 oz
  • Wax Off 2 oz
  • Post Wax Concealer 2 oz
  • Slow Grow 2 oz
  • 5 Small Accu Edge Applicators
  • 5 Large Accu Edge Applicators
  • 10 Small Muslin Strips
  • 10 Large Muslin Strips

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