12 Benefits - Love At First Lather

12 Benefits - Love At First Lather

  • $24.00

12 Benefits™ introduces the next generation professional salon shampoo. Love At First Lather moisture balancing mousse shampoo is an innovative pre-foam shampoo that thoroughly safeguards hair.

Unlike traditional cream shampoo, our foam shampoo does not require a scrubbing action to produce lather*. A gentle fingertip massage into wet hair is all that is required to immediately suspend perspiration and scalp oils within its ultra-rich foam.

Without excessive friction, cuticles are undisturbed, the scalp does not become dry, color radiance is preserved. This is particularly important for hair color and highlights, chemically straightened hair, or hair that suffers cuticle damage due to frequent use of heat (blowouts, hot ironing).

Love At First Lather is all natural and free of sulfate, parabens, and silicone. A luxurious combination of plant sugar, coconut oils, and sunflower extract prolongs youthful hair, provides an exquisite feel, and is ideal for moisture balance in all hair textures.

Love At First Lather is so effective users require less need for dry shampoo and less need to skip regular shampooing sessions. 


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