Clairol Beautiful Collection  4R Mahogany Red Brown

Clairol Beautiful Collection 4R Mahogany Red Brown

  • $5.50

Clairol's Beautiful Browns are the perfect answer to anyone that is looking to try hair color for the 1st time or..... 
1. Enhance their own color
2. Cover their greys.
3. Blend their grey hair with their natural base color to achieve a natural or highlighted appearance.
This is a Beans Favorite. This color is simple to use and contains no ammonia or harsh chemicals. It requires no peroxide and works in 20 minutes to achieve beautiful and natural results.
This moisturizing hair color is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin e and is gentle enough to use immediately after relaxing. Leaves hair feeling moisturized and full of shine & luster.
A great looking you with blended grey and a younger result.

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