• Dermalogica Shave Close Shave Oil

Dermalogica Shave Close Shave Oil

This slick oil is perfect for shaving goatees, moustaches and sideburns, or for those who prefer maximum visibility while shaving. Formulated with a rich blend of botanicals, comforts and soothes the skin while lifting the hairs for an irritation-free finish. Silicones allow the razor to glide evenly over the skin to minimize the risk of nicks, cuts and razor burn. Camphor diminishes irritation while thyme, clove, lavender and tea tree condition and soften the skin.

Free of artificial colorants and fragrances, and suitable for shaving the head.

how to use:

Shake a few drops into wet palm and smooth over dampened area to be shaved. Rinse razor often. Rinse shaved area, if desired.

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