• J.F. Lazartigue Moisturizing Conditioner

J.F. Lazartigue Moisturizing Conditioner

Enviromental, chemical and mechanical factors all contribute to destroying the protective barrier of the scalp and the cohesion of the capillary fiber. The scalp and hair are in turn weakened. J.F.Lazartigue's Moisturizing Conditioner with Quillaja Extracts, Sweet Almond, Nuts and Wheat Amino-Acids helps to reinforce the hair and maintain a healthy scalp. The Moisturizing Conditioner coats the hair shaft to keep hair moisturised and hair colour protected. Weak hair is strengthened. The conditioning base of this conditioner helps to untangle, moisturise and reduce static electricity for brilliant and soft hair. The Quillaja Extracts, part of the internal dried skin of the tree from South America, moisturises the hair immediately while the Peptidic Extract from Sweet Almond restructures and protects the hair with is strong coating power to improve the surface state of the hair and reinfoce the cohesion of the weakened hair shaft.

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