NaturColor 6D Goldenrod Blonde

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NATURCOLOR is an herbal-based permanent hair color gel designed to change or enhance one’s existing hair color while blending in gray.  This high quality product represents a new generation of hair colorings.  It was formulated for those who are ecologically minded and may be coloring their hair for the first time.

NATURCOLOR is not for women only.  Men can discreetly color their hair with it at home, and it’s great for beards and mustaches.  The product was created for the busy, value-conscious consumer or traveler, male or female, young or young at heart, and a complete application takes less than an hour.

NATURCOLOR comes in 31 colors classified as: Natural, Ash, Mahogany, Copper and Golden.  

For representational purposes only. Colors may vary due to your monitor.

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