• Seki Small Eyebrow Tweezers Model SS506

Seki Small Eyebrow Tweezers Model SS506

Petite design for easy storage. Tips meet squarely to catch the tiniest hairs and give more support and strength to the tips. 2.3/4" long and 7/16" wide 1/8" opening Twice tempered stainless steel Hand-finished Square, notched tips Petite and compact Lightweight Manufacturers Lifetime Guarantee The Mini Eyebrow Tweezer is a miniature version of our full size tweezers. They are perfect for people on-the-go! Notched tips give you better strength at the tips for maximum precision to engage even the tiniest hairs. They sure are mini and will fit in the smallest of pockets. At less than 3" long, these tweezers are great for a small purse or make-up bag

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