Solano Hair Dryer Original 1500 Watt Professional Dryer

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size: 1500 Watt

Solano 201/130 blow dryer. 1500 watt, two speeds. Five temperature settings, fiberglass nozzle, removable washable filter.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1. This dryer can be used in various countries. Before using your new hair dryer check that the power supply voltage corresponds with that shown on the dryer. You may need a converter plug, sold separately. 2. Reference the Switch Settings for optimum dryer performance. 3. The styling nozzle serves to concentrate the airflow and work smaller sections of hair. 4. Your dryer will have either a stationary or removable filter system. The filter ring and screen allows you to keep your appliance free from entrapped hairs and dust. A quarter turn to the left disconnects the removable filter ring and screen from the dryer. Remove the filter screen and clean it with a brush. Replace the filter ring and screen by turning to the right. Remember to clean your filter regularly. 5. For your safety, your hair dryer is equipped with a thermal-protective switch, which prevents damage by overheating. In the event of overheating the thermal-protective switch will interrupt the heating element and stop heating. The dryer must be unplugged from the power supply and the filter screen cleaned. After the dryer has cooled, it can be turned back on. 6. The front air outlet grill can become very hot. Do not touch this grill and make sure that the power cord does not come in contact with this area. IMPORTANT 1. This appliance must be repaired by a qualified Solano electrician only. 2. This appliance must never be immersed in water.

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