Supersmile Pro Whitening Accelerator Component

Size: 3.6 oz

Formulated by Dr. Irwin Smigel, world-renowned "Father of Aesthetic Dentistry". The Accelerator formula is superior to any whitening product on the market and is the highest performing product in the supersmile® line. Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 6 shades when used in combination with the supersmile® Professional Whitening Toothpaste*. Contains safe yet powerful whitening agents such as carbomide peroxide that combined with Whitening Toothpaste delivers the most exceptional whitening results. Formula lifts deep-set stains and quickens the whitening process. Accelerator must be used with the Professional Whitening Toothpaste. Free of silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal by-products and BPA. It's also Kosher. *data on file

  • 3.2oz tube
  • Highest performing product in our line
  • Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 6 shades when used with our Professional Whitening Toothpaste*
  • Formula lifts deep-set stains
  • Quickens the whitening process

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