Trind Natural Nail Repair

Size: 0.3 oz

Healthy, strong nails in just two weeks. TRIND Nail Repair is a unique nail strengthener. Compared to most nail hardeners that are available, TRIND Nail Repair creates a perfect balance between the percentages of keratin and moisture in the nail, making the nail both strong and flexible.

Trind Nail Repair Natural is a nail strengthener, which not only strengthens weak nails, but also keeps them supple. Used as a treatment for two weeks, after this period, apply once a week. The unique formula brings the protein molecules in the nail firmly together, which creates a very strong structure. The natural nail moisture will not be lost, keeping the nail supple. Combine it with the Nail Balsam for the ultimate nail care.
Apply a layer of TRIND Nail Repair to the nails daily for two weeks. Remove the previous layer with TRIND Nail Polish Remover extra mild. After a period of rest (we recommend 1 week), apply the product once a week to keep your nails strong, bright and healthy. 

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