Milbon: Stylists' Secret to Beautiful Hair

Milbon: Stylists' Secret to Beautiful Hair

What is Milbon?

Milbon is a premiere beauty brand and the #1 salon haircare brand in Japan. The brand is an industry secret, trusted by over 40,000 stylists around the world. Milbon boasts a comprehensive lineup of shampoos, conditioner treatments, hair oils, and other styling products.

What sets Milbon apart from other salon-quality haircare brands?

Milbon's luxury quality and immediate results make it a favorite among stylists across the globe. High-quality ingredients ensure efficacy and user satisfaction.

What's the Beans Team's favorite Milbon product?

Beans Team member, Maggie, is a HUGE fan of their smoothing line:

I'd heard rave reviews about Milbon from both my colleagues and our professional customers. It seemed too good to be true, so I decided that I had to put them to the test immediately. Next wash day, I used Milbon's Smoothing Shampoo and Treatment to the test and was genuinely shocked by my results. I left my naturally wavy (and typically very frizzy) hair to air dry and the result was smooth, tamed hair. My natural wavy texture was there, but my frizz was nowhere to be seen -- my hair was soft and smooth to the touch! Since then, I recommend Milbon to anyone who will listen. Nothing compares.

Where can I buy Milbon products?

You can shop Milbon's Smooth (available in Fine, Medium, and Coarse textures), Repair, Anti-Frizz, Volume, and Scalp collections on our site completely dedicated to Milbon products. Click here to begin your journey to your most gorgeous hair yet!

Still have questions about Milbon?

Reach out to the Beans Team with any additional questions at We're always happy to help!

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