Fatboy co-founders Tyson Kennedy and Tim Youngson also formed Steriogram, a Grammy and MTV Award-nominated international touring band. The band’s most popular single, “Walkie Talkie Man,” was famously used in the iconic iPod commercial.

Tyson, who began styling hair at 15, developed his first hair care product out of necessity. When Steriogram performed their high-energy concerts, no existing styling products would keep their hair in place. Tyson began cooking batches of styling putty on his stove before each tour, creating the seed for the idea that eventually became Fatboy.

 After a successful eight year run, Steriogram went on hiatus, and Tyson began a successful career in the New York salon industry, where he perfected his “Perfect Putty” formula and began selling to local salons.

The product was so successful that NYC stylists couldn’t keep it in stock. Tyson and Tim decided to make Fatboy a full-time business.

Today, Fatboy is building a customer base largely the same way Steriogram built their fan base: City-to-city touring, engaging product displays, and authentic interactions with audiences and from time to time they even bring out the band!

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