Hair Color

Hair Color

Nature Color is our finest Italian hair color. The Italian pigment is so natural and Nature Color is very gentle. We also use it in our salons. Manic Panic is for those who are looking for the most contemporary colors available.
118 results
Manic Panic Amplified Hot Hot Pink
Manic Panic Amplified Pillarbox Red
Manic Panic Amplified Pillarbox Red
Manic Panic Amplified Shocking Blue
Manic Panic Amplified Ultra Violet
Manic Panic Amplified Wildfire
Manic Panic Green Envy
Manic Panic Purple Haze
Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue
Manic Panic Voodoo Blue
Masc-A-Gray #101  Black
Masc-A-Gray #102 Copper Chestnut
Masc-A-Gray #103 Warm Brown
Masc-A-Gray #104  Med Ash Br
Masc-A-Gray #105  Auburn
Masc-A-Gray #106 Wheat Blond
Masc-A-Gray #107 Golden Blond
Masc-A-Gray #108 Natural Light Blond
Masc-A-Gray #109 Ashy Blond
Masc-A-Gray #110  Bronze Blonde
Masc-A-Gray #111 Brown
Masc-A-Gray #112 Light Brown
NaturColor 10C Manzanita Blonde
NaturColor 10N Chamomile Blonde
NaturColor 10R Palest Saffron Blonde
NaturColor 1N Licorice
NaturColor 2N Poppy Seed
NaturColor 3N Cola
NaturColor 4C Twinberry Chestnut
NaturColor 4D Clove Chestnut
NaturColor 4M Pomegranate Chestnut
NaturColor 4N Burdock
NaturColor 4R Sienna Chestnut
NaturColor 5C Light Twinberry Chestnut
NaturColor 5D Light Clove Chestnut
NaturColor 5M Light Pomegranate Chestnut
118 results

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