Hair Color

Hair Color

Nature Color is our finest Italian hair color. The Italian pigment is so natural and Nature Color is very gentle. We also use it in our salons. Manic Panic is for those who are looking for the most contemporary colors available.
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NaturColor 5N Light Burdock
NaturColor 5R Light Sienna Chestnut
NaturColor 6C Dark Caraway Blonde
NaturColor 6D Goldenrod Blonde
NaturColor 6N Sagebrush Brown
NaturColor 7C Caraway Blonde
NaturColor 7D Dandelion Blonde
NaturColor 7M Cinnamon Blonde
NaturColor 7N Mullein Blonde
NaturColor 7R Tumeric Blonde
NaturColor 8C Woodruff Blonde
NaturColor 8D Calendula Blonde
NaturColor 8M Cayenne Red
NaturColor 8N Yarrow Blonde
NaturColor 8R Light Tumeric Blonde
NaturColor 9N Sesame Blonde
NaturColor 9R Pale Saffron Blonde
Naturecolor Silken Color Boost
Style Edit Blonde Perfection Root Touch Up for Blondes
Style Edit Drop Red Gorgeous Root Touch-Up
Style Edit Root Touch Up brunette beauty root touch-up for brunettes binding powder for precise gray root coverage AVAILABLE IN 4 SHADES
Style Edit Spray Root Concealer Color Adaptive Pigments
Toppik Fiberhold Spray
Toppik Fibers Auburn
Toppik Fibers Auburn
From $24.95
Toppik Fibers Black
Toppik Fibers Black
From $24.95
Toppik Fibers Dark Brown
Toppik Fibers Light Blonde
Toppik Fibers Light Brown
Toppik Fibers Medium Brown
Toppik Fullmore Black Colored Hair Thickener Spray
Toppik Fullmore Dark Brown Colored Hair Thickener Spray
Toppik Fullmore Light Brown Colored Hair Thickener Spray
Toppik Fullmore Medium Brown Colored Hair Thickener Spray
Toppik Spray Applicator
Viral Blonditioner
Viral Extreme Hot Pink Color Wash
118 results

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