Phyto Botanical Power

Back in 1967, Mr. Patrick Alès created a concept called PHYTOTHÉRATHRIE. Phyto, or φυτό, means plant in greek (pronounced fee-toe), théra means care, and thrie means hair. This ground-breaking concept of treating your hair through plants has always been the core of his brand: PHYTO Paris.

Before this concept came into play, Mr. Alès revolutionized hair care all the way back in the 1950s. At that time, little research had been done regarding the consequences of using chemically-loaded hair products. However, Mr. Alès created a line of hair care products made predominantly from plants by doing his own research, long before what you might remember as the emergence of environmental awareness and not to mention the Internet.

It all started when Mr. Alès was working as an apprentice at a hair salon in Paris. He noticed how the chemically-loaded products basically burned the skin on hairdressers’ hands as well as the scalp and hair of the clientele and since he was passionate about his profession, he began looking for a gentler, less harmful way to work with hair.

The ecosystem of the hair and scalp is alive and precious. PHYTO Paris’ mission is to treat them with care and respect.