Solano has always stood for power. Our relentless dedication to providing the best salon tools in the industry has made Solano the most trusted and dependable brand in the professional beauty business for over thirty years.

In the salon, beautiful things happen - to people's hair and to people's spirits. Solano puts the power in stylist's hands to sculpt iconic silhouettes, highlight faces and unearth new layers. We help them create styles that are sleek, sophisticated and true works of art. Our powerful, dependable tools warrant both inspiration and performance from root to end.

Solano understands the fast-paced, demanding environment of a salon and our styling tools live up to the challenge. Our high quality AC motors are hand crafted in Italy and guaranteed to provide maximum power that lasts. So stylists know their Solano dryer will perform - client, after client!

In addition, Solano tools are designed with the latest, cutting edge technologies necessary to create beautiful, healthy hairstyles day in and day out. Tourmaline adds shine, negative Ions improve moisture and reduce static electricity while Far Infrared Heat dries the hair from the inside out to ensure gorgeous results every time.

The combination of Solano's superior styling tools with professional stylist's superior talents result in endless hairstyling possibilities. In an industry full of hot air, Solano blows everything else away with a continued heritage of innovative, quality salon tools for serious stylists.

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