Virtue Flourish Volumizing Styler


Virtue Flourish Volumizing Styler

Flourish Volumizing Styler

Flourish Volumizing Styler is the all-you-need styler for fine, fragile hair. This airy, lightweight, self-foaming formula provides instant body, bounce and hold, creating the illusion of density even in the thinnest parts. Color-safe, paraben-free, vegan and gluten-free.

Alpha Keratin 60ku Clinical: 

Alpha Keratins are large, spring-shaped proteins that reinforce the strength of your hair. Gamma Keratins are small globular keratins that provide flexibility. Together, they form a complex molecule with the ability to repair and nourish the scalp, providing fragile hair with the strength, elasticity, and flexibility that it needs to survive.


Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5): Conditions the hair and provides heat protection to preserve the strength and thickness of the hair fiber. 

Active Plant Extracts: Helps improve hair strength and thickness while protecting against environmental aggressors 

Microalgae Extract: Adds volume and strength to the hair fiber, making hair look and feel revitalized.

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