Rene Furterer Rf 80 Serum For Sudden Thinning

Size: 12 pc

This potent treatment addresses the two underlying causes of sudden, temporary hair thinning with natural Pfaffia extract, Sage and Lemon essential oils and ATP Energie to promote a healthy scalp and hair environment.

  • Addresses the two main factors that contribute to sudden, temporary hair thinning
  • Natural Pfaffia extract and essential oils of Sage and Lemon energize the scalp and optimize the environment for healthy hair
  • ATP Energie provides energy to the hair follicles
  • Helps repair hair and restore a strong, healthy appearance

Use once a week for three months. Snap the top of the ampoule off using a tissue or paper towel and attach applicator. Apply the entire vial to a clean, damp scalp section by section. Massage scalp to encourage product penetration. Do not rinse. Proceed to styling.


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