Truss Professional Deluxe Prime Summer


Truss Professional Deluxe Prime Summer

Truss Deluxe Prime Summer

Maximum protection against summer damages such as the sun, ocean and pool. It rebuilds, protects, seals the hair stands and adds intense shine. UV protection.



  • Amazon Gloss: originally from Amazonian palm tree nuts, it improves detangling, reduces frizz and fly-aways. Restores the natural hydro lipid layers, provides shine, softness, hydration and protection.
  • Avocado Oil: natural oil, extracted from the fruit. Rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D, amino acids, sterols and lecithin. It promotes high absorption of UV rays, turning into a powerful sunscreen and highly moisturizing to the hair strands.
  • Sun Protection: UV protection filter, protecting the hair from external and mechanical aggressions (blow dryer and flat iron) and helps in maintaining the color in treated hair.
  • Nano Repair: micro-particles that are deposited on hair with high amounts of Amino Acid charges (positive), creating a protective layer promoting frizz reduction, color protection, shine, soft touch and intense conditioning.
  • Amisil: conditioning agent formed by Amino Acids and Silicones. Promotes heat protection, provides a better slide of the flat iron, offers volume and frizz reduction, intense shine and softness without oilness. 
  • Vegan Block: A bio protecting active with a plant origin and composed of Ginseng, Apple, Peach, Wheat and Barley. It promotes the blocking of heavy metals (lead, copper, chromium and zinc) and protects the chlorine strands, avoiding the formation of free radicals. It has an antioxidant action and protects against pollutants.

How to Use:

Shake well before use. Before exposition to sun, sea and pool, spray onto hair, covering the strands completely. May be applied as often as needed. 

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